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sunnyzoomin January 5, 2013 Service Advisories / Current Advisories

The Zoomin App is available on the Google Play Store. Pending updates are complete. You can once again enjoy bringing your special moments to life in gorgeous prints and books, ordered directly from your phone.  


ZoomIn aims to get orders to you in the fastest time-frame possible.  Sometimes, due to overwhelming order volume or supply issues for a particular product, we may encounter delays in completing your order.  We work hard to minimize these disruptions, and when they do occur we want to provide the most accurate information.  

Remember that the time it takes for you to receive your order consists of 2 phases - Processing and Delivery. Processing is the time to create, print and pack your order.  Delivery is the time taken by our courier partner to deliver your order and can vary based on your location.

Current Processing Times (Updated: 27th Oct, 2016)

Category Processing Time Current Status
Photo Prints
      Up to widths of 12" 2 - 3 days On Schedule
      Enlargements 2 - 3 days On Schedule
Photo Books
      Square Book (6"x6") 7-10 days  On Schedule 
      Softcover Flip-books 2 - 3 days On Schedule
      Hardcovers & Layflat 2 - 3 days

On Schedule

Zigzag Mini 2 - 3 days

 On Schedule

Calendars 2 - 3 days On Schedule
Mugs 3 - 4 days On Schedule
Canvas Prints 3 - 4 days

On Schedule

Collage Posters 3 - 4 days

On Schedule

Magnets 3 - 4 days

On Schedule

Photo Frames 3 - 4 days

On Schedule

Framed Prints 3 - 4 days


 On Schedule


All processing times above are from the date the order is placed and are business days only (exclude holidays and Sundays)





sunnyzoomin January 3, 2010 Prints & Gifts / Order status

The time taken for an order to reach you, will consist of Processing Time and Shipping Time.

Processing Time

This is the time taken to produce your order in our printing and manufacturing facility. Processing time varies by product category.

  1. Standard print orders (up to 12") take 1 - 2 business days to produce while Larger Photoprints (12x18 and above Prints) will take 2 - 3 business days to produce.
  2. All Photo-books & Calendars take 2 – 3 business days to produce.
  3. Other products such as Canvas Prints, Mugs, Collage Posters, Magnets and Photo-Frames take 3 - 4 business days to produce. 

We ship your product on the same day they are printed.

Shipping Time:

This is the time taken by the courier companies we work with to deliver your order. Shipping Time varies based on where your order will be shipped

Delivery Time:

  1. Via Delhivery, FedEx & BlueDart (3 - 5 Business Days)
  2. Via India Post (7 – 10 Business Days)

To understand which courier company ships to your area and thereby determine the estimated delivery time, please click here.

Estimated Delivery Window:

When you place an order, we provide an Estimated Delivery window that is based on the products you have ordered and our Shipping Estimates. You can access this at any time by looking at your Order Details in My Account. Please note that this window is an “Estimate” and does not take into account delays by the Courier or local transit issues.

We provide courier tracking information as soon as we receive it through an Order Shipped notification e-mail and text message. Please note that once the shipment has left ZoomIn, courier companies may take up to 24 working hours to update the tracking information on their respective websites.

pramod72 February 27, 2013 Prints & Gifts / How to make a Canvas Print

The recommended resolutions for your canvas prints will vary based on the size of the print you're trying to order.  

To check the resolution of your photo, click on the image that you have uploaded in your ZoomIn album. The resolution will be listed below the image on the left as shown below.



We recommend the following minimum resolutions for our products:

Print Size Minimum Height
(In Pixels) 
 Minimum Width
(In Pixels)
4x6 480 720 
5x7 600  840 
6x6 720 720
6x8 720 960
8x8 960 960
8x10 960  1200 
8x12 960  1440 
12x18 1440 2160
12x24 1440 2880
Mug 1200  1800 
Calendar 1920  2560 
Zoomini Book 1200  1800 
Canvas - 8x8 2400 2400
Canvas - 12x12 3600  3600 
Canvas - 16x16 4800 4800
Canvas - 16x20 4800  6000 
Canvas - 24x24 7200  7200 

If your image resolution meets the minimum criteria specified above, go ahead and place the photo in the Canvas creation. Our creation builder may, at times, display a warning with a Red Exclamation Mark. However, as long as your images meet the above specifications, it should be safe for you to go ahead and place the order despite the warning. 

pramod72 February 6, 2013 Prints & Gifts / Placing an order

We want all ZoomIn users to be able to take advantage of our great deals and offers. If you are trying to use a promotion code that has expired recently, we now have a self-serve tool which can be used for instant revalidation of expired codes for another 5 days.

Click here to automatically extend your expired code for another 5 days from the date of request. All you have to do is, sign in to your ZoomIn account and enter the Promocode that you wish to extend.  If it’s a site-wide offer, we will only be able to revalidate the code if we receive your revalidation request within 2 weeks after the original offer expiry.

 Note- This tool currently restricts the number of revalidations per user to a maximum of 3 in the year.

Vinay Sep 2 Service Advisories / Current Advisories


The Zoomin App is live on the Google Play Store. You can once again bring your special moments to life with gorgeous prints and print products, ordered directly from your phone!

Thanks once again for your patience and support.

Have a nice day!


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